Saturday, November 27, 2010

One Year

The other night I unintentionally came across Chris's obituary from the Green Hills Funeral Home website. It was not something I was expecting to see. All at once everything that happened just slapped me in my face. I read the obituary and once again realized that yes, this tragic event did occur. After reading it, I saw a link for "condolences." I vaguely and very hazily remember reading through these last year as people were so generous to post them. But I was in such a state of shock that I didn't remember what beautiful words they contained. I began crying as I read them  realizing what a wonderful life my brother lead and the many lives he touched.   I think God wanted to remind me that what an amazing life my brother led in his short time on earth. One quote really sums it up: "Chris's life was short, but he lived it well."

On this day one year ago my precious brother lost his life and went to sit beside our heavenly father. I miss him more everyday. And the reality of him not being here sinks in more and more everyday. But on this anniversary I think it's important to remember the impact he made in his life. I went through the comments and selected some to share with you. Even after his death, Chris is impacting my life.  To me, Chris's attitude and zest for life are something to be envied, and I think he was the way he was because he really adhered to this passage: "Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself." -Matthew 6:34.  As you will see many of the commenters say, Chris was a laid back person that was able to make quick connections with others and live life one day at a time.

“I'll remember the slight smiles, the quiet assured voice, the laughs and most of all the joy he possessed for life” -Dick Frederick

“Chris's life was short, but he lived it well. We are lucky to have known him.” -Anne Messner

“I have never met a finer young man.” -Bruce Higdon

“He was just one of those people who was a joy to be around and always had a good time no matter what we were doing. Chris was one of a kind and I am lucky to have called him my friend.” -Elisa Savage

“He would have done anything to help a student and went out of his way to make it happen.” –Elizabeth Rooks

“I feel that Chris has been called home for a higher purpose, and as long as we remember him he will always be with us.” Sheila Larkin

“Students could walk into his office feeling like they couldn't make it and they would leave ready to take on the world.” -Stephanie Hunt

“He always had time, or would make the time, to listen and try to help everyone who reached out for help. When he did not have the answers a student needed, he made sure to stay with the student until he found someone who did.” -Stephanie Hunt

“I am an adjunct professor in theatre at CVCC. I would see Chris walking around on campus and he always had that quirky smile of his shining on his face. At this year's fall semester registration he told me how he was really working to get students to sign up for theatre classes here. I really appreciated that.” -Cheryl Palmour, CVCC

“Chris was my co-worker, having begun working at CVCC just a month or so before me. The fact that we were both new employees created a small bond between us. But Chris was so easy-going and pleasant, there didn't have to be a reason for bonds to be formed with him. They just happened.” –Debbie Boone

“He was a good advisor and he was always there when i need someone to talk too about my classes.” –Tara Weaver

“He never manifested anything other than cordialness, and was willing to go beyond expectation in helping others. Mr. Patterson was one of the many individuals who have helped me succeed in my endeavors at CVCC, and will definitely be missed and forever cherished.” -Torri Davis

“Chris was a wonderful advocate for students at CVCC. We worked together many times trying to help students overcome personal and academic problems. He was such a joy! I loved our chats in my computer lab and his sincere love for life was certainly contagious.” –Susan Young

“Mr. Patterson was a great guy all around with a big heart.” –Christina Nolin

“I remember the Christmas he drew my name for Secret Santa: after gushing over how impressed I was that he, a young bachelor, picked out the perfect gift (the cutest tree ornaments), he confessed with red cheeks and a sheepish smile that he had help (if memory serves, his mom or sister). That was Chris: adorable, thoughtful, sweet and honest.” –Kim Saadeh

“While I was a student at CVCC Chris helped me on numerous occasions. He also helped me out several times as a fellow co-worker, without question or hesitation. He was always calm and considerate of others. He was also able to identify with students no matter what their background was.” –Jennifer Lunsford

“Too few good people are on [the earth] today and unfortunately, I believe Mr. Patterson was one of those few. I will remember him as a friendly smile to be seen on the CV campus.” –Laci Walker

“If it was not for Chris I probably would not have got far as I have at CVCC. It seemed no matter how busy he was, he always had time to help me out. When I first came to CVCC he walked up to me and introduced himself and helped me register for classes, he was the first person that I really met at CVCC. He was always humble and always had something good to say, one of the nicest persons you would ever meet.” –Chris Redden

“Chris was one of the good guys. Solid. Dependable.” –Brad Wahl

“He was there for me during some difficult times and I am very grateful to have known him when I did.” –Christopher Marcum

“I can remember very clearly when I had just enrolled at CVCC as a full-time freshman in late 2003, I went to Chris for some Academic counseling, and after sitting in his office for a few minutes, my path was made clear with very excellent, professional, and friendly advice from Chris. I followed his recommendations, suggestions, and guidance and from then on, it was smooth sailing for me at CVCC, academically and otherwise. On many occasions, Chris and I, together with Daniel Kilcrest, would meet at around 6:00pm on Thursdays to Jam on our guitars in Wilson Hall and have fun. Music was always therapeutic for Chris. He had an ability to set one at ease and to make you realize that you don't have to stress and be overly concerned about life's obstacles but that everything will eventually level out and you will see your way through. He was the kind of person who could relate on any one's level and yet earn your respect by just his manner and the way he conducted himself.” –Herbie F. Jack

“I just want to let each and everyone that is reading this how much Mr. Patterson helped me to graduate CVCC. I had a lot of medical issues that was trying to stop me from succeeding and Mr. Patterson was there for me. He always had a positive word for me when ever he saw me. He made sure that my instructors was aware of my condition and was there to help me. I could go to him for any help that I needed. The world has lost a good man and I am honored to have meet him. God sent me this Guardian Angel and now he has called him home.” -Charlene Spencer

“Chris was one of my teachers at cvcc, he always had a smile and was always encouraging even when you felt like you couldn't go any futher.” –Melissa Boyd

“As I reflect on the five years that I've known Chris, the two things that play out in my mind the most are his smile/smirk (particularly when we were enjoying a bit of innocent nonsense) and the time he gave me some very sage advice. He once calmly advised me, "Shinene, you gotta just take things easy...just take it easy...don't let anything get to you." What words of wisdom!” –Shinene Currington

“We loved Chris so much because he reflected the attributes we aspired to own. We looked at him and we saw ourselves as we would like to be. We visited with him and recharged our own energy level. He empowered all of us, especially his students, to be better people.” –David Hodge

“went to Mr. Patterson for everything involving my education and he always did everything he could to help me stay on the right track. He wasn't even my assigned advisor but i knew i could always count on him.” –Jessica Bankston
“Eventhough I was assigned a differnt advisor, I would always knock on his door and ask him was he busy? He would smile, laugh and say "No Mrs. Elam, come on in." I know he was busy and he knew he wasn't my advisor, but he never turned me away.” –Eva Elam

“He made my years at CVCC great, because he would always offer words of encouragement, even if I didnt see things as positive as he did for myself. He was one of God's angels, and I thank his family for sharing him with each and every person that was touched by him.” -Keiandra Brundidge

“ Chris had an amazing gift to seemingly instantly bond with people; after a short time, I felt like I had known him all of my life.” –John Brewer

“Some people spread the gospil of the lord by preaching the words of God. But others just simple walk in his glory, this is somthing that Mr. Patterson did every day just living his life. When you see a good man , that man holds his head high with honor and glory.He never had to boast about his self because it spoke for itself. I know for a fact that Chris is in a far better place than this world.” –Traci Bridges

Chris's "slight smile" or "smirck." One of the things about him I miss most.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I will continue to pray for you and your future. God has an amazing plan for you! I will be thinking of you and your family!